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iTook Immigration is dedicated to providing exceptional immigration services while ensuring client satisfaction. Recognizing the complexity and the significant personal and financial investment involved in immigration processes, our refund policy is meticulously structured to align with Canadian legal standards and best practices in customer service.

In Canada, immigration consulting services are regulated under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and overseen by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). The ICCRC mandates clear, honest, and responsible conduct from its members. As such, iTook Immigration adheres to these principles, ensuring that our practices are transparent, ethical, and in the best interest of our clients.

Our refund policy, therefore, is formulated to respect both the legal obligations we have as a Canadian immigration service provider and the trust you place in us as our client. We understand that the immigration process can be unpredictable and, at times, results may not align with expectations. Our policy is designed to address various scenarios where a refund might be warranted, balancing fairness to you, the client, with the realities of the administrative and legal processes involved in immigration services.

We encourage all our clients to thoroughly review the terms and conditions outlined in our policy. This understanding is crucial for setting realistic expectations and fostering a transparent relationship between you and iTook Immigration. Should you have any questions or need clarification regarding any aspect of our refund policy, our team is readily available to provide assistance. We believe in maintaining open lines of communication to ensure that your experience with us is as smooth and positive as possible.

It is also important to note that while we strive to offer comprehensive support, certain elements of the immigration process are outside our control, such as decisions made by immigration officials or changes in immigration law. Our refund policy is crafted to reflect these realities, ensuring that we operate within the legal framework set by Canadian authorities while upholding our commitment to client satisfaction.

By choosing iTook Immigration, you are entrusting us with a significant part of your journey to Canada. Our refund policy is one aspect of our dedication to honoring that trust with the utmost integrity and professionalism, in compliance with Canadian law.

Eligibility for Refund

Non-Commencement of Services

Under Canadian law, consumers have the right to cancel a contract and receive a full refund if no services have been provided. In the context of immigration services, this means that if a client decides to cancel their engagement with iTook Immigration before any substantive work has been initiated, they are entitled to a full refund. This policy is in line with consumer protection laws, which emphasize the right of consumers to change their mind about a service, especially when no tangible work has been performed. It’s important for clients to understand what constitutes the ‘commencement of services’ to ensure clarity in such situations.

Service Not as Described

Canadian law mandates that services must be delivered as described in any agreement or advertisement. iTook Immigration ensures that all descriptions of services on our website or in any written agreement accurately reflect what will be provided. If there is a significant discrepancy between the service delivered and the service advertised or agreed upon, clients are eligible for a partial or full refund. This aligns with consumer protection laws which protect clients from misleading representations and ensure that they receive the service they have paid for. The assessment of whether a service is ‘as described’ will take into account the specific details of each case.

Rejection Due to Error

In cases where an immigration application is rejected due to an error or omission by iTook Immigration, a full refund will be issued to the client. This policy is grounded in the principle of professional liability. As a regulated entity under the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), iTook Immigration is required to maintain a high standard of professional conduct and accuracy. Any mistakes that lead to the rejection of an application are considered a failure to meet these standards. However, it’s important to note that this does not cover rejections due to factors beyond our control, such as changes in immigration policy, decisions by immigration officials, or errors and omissions by the client.


Government Fees and Disbursements

In accordance with Canadian law and standard practices, fees that are paid to government agencies or third parties in the course of processing immigration applications are not refundable. This is because these fees are typically paid for specific processing or administrative services rendered by these entities, and once paid, they are not recoverable by iTook Immigration. These fees may include, but are not limited to, application fees, biometric fees, or any disbursements made on behalf of the client to other entities involved in the immigration process. Clients are usually informed beforehand that such fees are non-refundable as they are not within the control of the immigration service provider.

Client Error or Omission

No refunds are issued in cases where an application is rejected due to incorrect or incomplete information provided by the client. This stance is aligned with the principle that clients have a responsibility to provide accurate and complete information. Canadian immigration authorities base their decisions on the information provided in the application. Therefore, it is crucial for clients to ensure that all the information and documentation provided are correct and comprehensive. iTook Immigration’s role is to assist with the application based on the information provided by the client, and hence the responsibility for accuracy falls on the client.

Change of Mind

If a client decides to withdraw or cancel the services after work has commenced, no refund will be issued. This policy is consistent with the understanding that once services are initiated, resources, including time and effort, have been allocated by iTook Immigration towards the client’s application. In such scenarios, the service provider has likely incurred costs or allocated resources that cannot be recuperated. This is a standard practice in service agreements, where commitment to a service involves certain obligations and an understanding that withdrawal partway through incurs costs on the service provider’s part.

Processing Time and Outcomes

Refunds are not provided based on longer than expected processing times or non-favorable outcomes. This is because these factors are often beyond the control of iTook Immigration. Processing times can vary greatly and are subject to the workload and internal processes of Canadian immigration authorities. Similarly, the outcome of an application is at the discretion of these authorities based on their assessment of the application against immigration laws and regulations. As these elements are external to the services provided by iTook Immigration, they fall outside the scope of our refund policy.

Requesting a Refund

Submit a Written Request

Under Canadian law, it is standard practice for businesses to require formal, written communication for significant actions like refund requests. This formalization serves several purposes: it provides a clear record of the client’s intent, ensures that there is documented evidence of the request, and helps in maintaining an orderly process for handling such requests. For iTook Immigration, requiring clients to submit their refund requests in writing to within 30 days of the service commencement date is in alignment with these best practices. The 30-day window is a reasonable period that allows clients sufficient time to evaluate the services received and make an informed decision about requesting a refund. It also helps iTook Immigration manage and respond to refund requests in an efficient and timely manner.

Provide a Detailed Explanation and Relevant Documentation

Requesting clients to provide a detailed explanation and any relevant documentation to support their refund claim is a common practice, and it aligns with principles of fairness and accountability. In the context of immigration services, this requirement ensures that iTook Immigration has all the necessary information to accurately assess the refund request. The detailed explanation should ideally include the reasons for the refund request, specific issues or concerns with the service provided, and any other relevant details that would help in evaluating the request. Relevant documentation may include copies of communications, agreements, receipts, or any other material that supports the client’s claim. This approach is consistent with Canadian consumer protection laws, which emphasize the importance of informed decision-making and evidence-based resolution of consumer issues.

By requiring a written request with detailed explanations and relevant documentation, iTook Immigration is ensuring that the refund process is transparent, fair, and consistent. This requirement also helps protect both the client and the service provider by ensuring that each refund request is handled on a case-by-case basis with all necessary information available. It allows iTook Immigration to maintain high standards of customer service and accountability, in line with Canadian legal and ethical standards.

Processing Refunds

Processing Timeframe

The commitment to process refund requests within 30 business days of receipt aligns with Canadian consumer protection standards, which emphasize timely and efficient handling of consumer requests. This period allows iTook Immigration adequate time to thoroughly review each request, conduct any necessary investigations, and make a fair determination. It reflects a balance between providing prompt service to the client and ensuring that the company has sufficient time to handle the complexities that can accompany immigration service refunds. This timeframe is also consistent with best practices in the service industry, acknowledging the need for due diligence in processing such requests.

Refund Method

Issuing refunds to the original payment method is a common practice in Canadian business transactions and is in line with consumer protection laws. This approach ensures a clear and traceable path for the refund, reducing the risk of fraud and financial irregularities. It also offers convenience and security for the client, as the refund is returned via a familiar and previously used channel. This policy is particularly important in the context of immigration services, where transactions can be significant in amount and involve international clients. Using the original payment method simplifies the refund process and provides an additional layer of financial security and accountability.

Deduction of Administrative Fees

iTook Immigration’s reservation of the right to deduct any administrative fees incurred before issuing a refund is a standard practice in many service industries, including immigration consultancy. This policy is generally considered fair and reasonable, provided that the fees are justifiable and clearly communicated to the client. Such fees might include costs associated with processing the application, consultation time, or other services that were rendered before the cancellation. It’s important that these fees are detailed in the service agreement or terms and conditions that the client agrees to at the outset of the engagement. This transparency ensures compliance with Canadian consumer protection laws, which mandate clear communication about any potential charges or fees that a consumer might incur. By stating this policy upfront, iTook Immigration is upholding the principles of honesty and transparency in business transactions, essential for maintaining trust and integrity in the client-service provider relationship.


Right to Modify Refund Policy

iTook Immigration’s reservation of the right to modify the Refund Policy at any time is a common practice in business and is generally permissible under Canadian law. Businesses need the flexibility to update policies to respond to changes in legal requirements, market conditions, or business strategies. In the context of immigration services, changes in immigration laws, processing procedures, or regulatory requirements may necessitate adjustments to the refund policy.

However, it is important to note that any changes to the Refund Policy must comply with Canadian legal standards, especially those concerning consumer protection and contractual obligations. This means that amendments should not be retroactive in a way that unfairly disadvantages clients who have already entered into an agreement based on the existing policy. Transparency and fairness are key principles in Canadian consumer law, and iTook Immigration must ensure that any policy changes are clearly communicated and reasonable.

Effective Immediately Upon Posting

The stipulation that changes to the Refund Policy will be effective immediately upon posting on the company’s website is a standard approach to policy updates. It allows for timely implementation of necessary changes. However, this immediate effect is subject to the condition that the changes do not adversely affect clients who have engaged with iTook Immigration under the previous version of the policy. In practice, this means that while new clients will be subject to the updated policy, existing clients might still be governed by the terms they agreed to at the time of their engagement, unless specific provisions allow for such retroactive application.

To align with the principles of fairness and transparency, it is advisable for iTook Immigration to provide clear notification of any changes in the Refund Policy, ideally through multiple channels such as email notifications, announcements on the website, or direct communication to existing clients. This ensures that clients are fully aware of the new terms and can make informed decisions.

Moreover, in keeping with good business practices and legal ethics, any amendments to the Refund Policy should be reasonable and justifiable. Arbitrary or excessive changes that could be perceived as unfair or deceptive may lead to legal challenges or reputational damage. iTook Immigration should also consider providing a rationale for significant changes to the policy, thereby maintaining trust and transparency with its client base.

In summary, while iTook Immigration has the right to amend its Refund Policy, any such changes must be done in a legally compliant manner, with considerations for existing contractual obligations and the principles of fairness and transparency that underpin Canadian consumer protection laws.

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