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iTook Immigration is dedicated to helping permanent residents in their journey towards becoming Canadian citizens. Our experienced team provides comprehensive guidance and support throughout the citizenship process, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements set forth by Canadian immigration law.

Understanding Canadian Citizenship

Canadian citizenship is a status that offers the right to vote in elections, the eligibility for a Canadian passport, and protection under Canadian law. It represents a commitment to Canada's values and traditions. To apply for citizenship, applicants must meet specific criteria and complete an application process.

Permanent Resident Status

Permanent Resident Status

You must have permanent resident status in Canada and must not be subject to any immigration investigation, an immigration-related removal order, or unresolved immigration issues in Canada or abroad.


There is no requirement to have a PR card to apply for citizenship. However, you must meet the permanent residency obligations.

Time Lived in Canada

Physically Lived in Canada

Applicants must have been physically present in Canada for at least 1,095 days (3 years) out of the 5 years before applying.


Time spent in Canada as a non-permanent resident may count towards your residency days, but only as a partial credit.

Personalized Support

At iTook Immigration, we recognize that each individual's journey to Canada is unique. Our commitment to providing personalized support reflects our understanding of the diverse needs and situations of our clients. This tailored approach ensures that every client receives services that are specifically aligned with their immigration goals and circumstances, in full compliance with Canadian immigration law.

Understanding Individual Needs:

Our first step is always to listen and understand the specific requirements and aspirations of our clients. This might involve discussing their professional background, family situation, reasons for immigrating, and long-term goals in Canada. Such a detailed understanding enables us to offer advice and solutions that are not just legally sound but also aligned with their personal objectives.

Customizing Immigration Strategies:

Based on the initial assessment, we develop a customized immigration strategy for each client. This could involve choosing the most suitable immigration program, advising on the best way to strengthen their application, or helping them navigate potential challenges. Our strategies are always in line with the current Canadian immigration laws and policies, ensuring legal compliance at every step.

Responsive Communication:

We prioritize clear and responsive communication with our clients. Whether it's updating them about changes in immigration laws that might affect their application, answering their queries, or providing them with regular status updates on their case, we ensure they are well-informed and supported throughout the process.

Handling Complex Cases:

Immigration cases can often be complex, involving nuanced legal considerations. Our team's expertise in Canadian immigration law enables us to effectively manage such complexities. Whether it's addressing inadmissibility issues, navigating the appeals process, or dealing with unexpected hurdles in the application process, we provide diligent support tailored to the specifics of each case.

Support Beyond the Application Process:

Our personalized support extends beyond just obtaining a visa or immigration approval. We assist clients with pre-arrival information, offer guidance on settlement in Canada, and provide resources to help them integrate into their new community. This comprehensive support system is designed to make the transition to life in Canada as smooth as possible.

Streamlined Process

At iTook Immigration, our focus on streamlining the immigration process is designed to provide an efficient, clear, and hassle-free experience for our clients, in full accordance with Canadian immigration laws and guidelines.

Efficient Application Handling:

We have established a streamlined process that efficiently manages each stage of the immigration application. This includes a thorough initial assessment, organized document collection, meticulous application preparation, and timely submission. Our efficient handling is aimed at reducing delays and increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Simplifying Complex Procedures:

Canadian immigration procedures can be complex and daunting. We simplify these procedures for our clients by breaking down each step into manageable parts and providing clear, understandable guidance. This simplification helps clients to stay informed and engaged throughout their immigration journey.

Use of Technology:

Leveraging technology, we've automated parts of our process where possible. This includes online forms for initial assessments, digital document submissions, and an online portal where clients can track the progress of their applications. These technological tools not only make the process more efficient but also more accessible for clients.

Regular Updates and Communication:

Keeping clients informed is a key part of our streamlined process. We provide regular updates on the status of applications and any relevant changes in Canadian immigration law that might impact their case. This proactive communication ensures that clients are never in the dark about where they stand in the immigration process.

Minimizing Errors and Delays:

Our expertise and attention to detail in application preparation help minimize errors that can lead to delays or rejections. By ensuring that applications are complete and accurate before submission, we aim to streamline the process for a smooth experience.

Collaborative Approach with Clients:

We work closely with our clients throughout the process, involving them in key decisions and preparations. This collaborative approach ensures that the client’s input is considered at every step, making the process more personalized and client-centric.

Reach out to iTook Immigration to begin your assessment for Canadian citizenship.

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Our team will support you up to and including your citizenship ceremony.

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