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Options and Eligibility for Iranian Temporary Residents
By Azadeh December 16, 2023 0 Comments

As of 2024, the Canadian government has implemented specific regulations and support measures for Iranian nationals residing temporarily in Canada. Here’s an overview of the options and eligibility for Iranian applicants under Canadian law:

Options and Eligibility for Iranian Temporary Residents

  1. Extension of Temporary Resident Status:

    • Iranian nationals currently in Canada on a temporary resident visa can extend their stay at no cost.
    • This extension is applicable until February 28, 2024, under the new facilitative measures​​​​.
  2. Open Work Permits:

    • Iranian temporary residents can apply for open work permits without any application cost.
    • These permits enable Iranian nationals to work in Canada legally during their extended stay​​.
  3. Study Permits:

    • Study permits are available for those interested in furthering their education in Canada.
    • Like other options, applying for study permits incurs no application fees for eligible Iranian nationals​​.
  4. Change of Temporary Resident Status:

    • Temporary residents from Iran can change their resident status (e.g., from a visitor to a worker) without incurring biometric or application fees​​.
  5. Fee Waivers:

    • Specific processing fees for extending the stay of Iranian nationals in Canada have been waived.
    • This includes the waiving of passport and permanent residence application fees under certain circumstances​​.


  • Eligibility: It’s important to check the specific eligibility criteria for each of these options. This might include factors like current visa status, reasons for extending the stay, and compliance with Canadian immigration laws.
  • Application Deadlines: The current policy is in effect until February 28, 2024. Applicants need to be mindful of this deadline to benefit from these facilitative measures.
  • Documentation: Proper documentation and adherence to the application process are crucial. It’s recommended to consult with immigration experts or refer to official Canadian immigration resources for guidance.

These measures reflect Canada’s support for Iranian nationals amid the current situation in Iran. They provide avenues for Iranians to legally extend their stay, work, and study in Canada, thereby offering a level of security and opportunity during uncertain times. It’s advisable for Iranian applicants to closely follow any updates from the Canadian government as policies might change based on the evolving global and national contexts.

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